Remus Revolution (3/3)

Yesterday the Remus arrived… so today the Lighting can take the glory of rumble and thunder again! In short: dismount the original pot and get the Remus ready to install. Below there is a comparison between the original and the revolution: About two hours later the Remus is firmly fixed and looks great. Time for…

K&N BU-9003

Today my K&N BU-9003 arrived! In combination with the new Remus there is maybe a difference…


Today I changed the original seat (M0090.1AC) against the scg seat (M0076.3AE) – also known as the “lightning low”. The benefits: 2inch lower proper fit better corner control more aggressive look

Rizoma MA516B

Today I got my Rizoma MA516B, a tiny piece of alumnium crafted into a magnificent handlebar cap. Epic…

Remus Revolution (2/3)

Yesterday I got a message from my dealer, that Remus show some obligingness and will send me a complete new one… nice!It will take about 10 days until its on german ground, so there is a little time for some other stuff to do.I’ll get you up-do-date.