Final goal TÜV@HD. Why? Because they know those types of motorcycles… In the end no reason for an objection or reclamation. This was the planned “winter thread”, ended in 05/2017 and (finally) documented 09/2017 but since the name is changed to the “Project2017” there is still more to do… keep you posted! -LeMarque

Roadbike – Allez! Allez!

My 2nd passion is about cycling. Now I also registered a domain for my roadbike blog: allez-allez.net Check it out! -LeMarque

Winter time is modification time!

During the winter I decided to “overhaul” the XB12… just some nice accents. This will result in a single hardware blog posts.

New Blog

Blogger is nice but I think wordpress is even nice. With this change I finally registered my own domain: ownthecorners.com Still keep you post it. -LeMarque

Service [16000km]

After an absence of more than a year, I’ll try to keep this blog more up-to-date!So here is the first new update – the 16k service. 2010 XB Model Service – [10,000mi / 16,000km] Engine oil and filter Replace Air cleaner Inspect, service as required Tires Check condition and treat Transmission lubricant Replace Clutch Check…

Warning Light(ning)

During a ride the engine light flashed up… After calling a good friend the XB is now at Harley Davidson for a check.   **EDIT 09-11-2013** The XB is back and runs like hell. The problem – a closed oil filter… new filter set one liter Screaming Eagle Syn3 meticulous bike wash one hour of…

Project HeatGrip

Long time ago and maybe sooner or later there will be a time covered in coldness… So the next project will be a HeatGrip to eliminate this opponent and fight back! Keep you posted.

2010 XB Manuals

Today I purchased these three superb original sealed Buell manuels on eBay: BUELL 2010 XB MODELS OFFICIAL FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL 99490-10Y BUELL 2010 XB OFFICIAL FACTORY ELECTRICAL DIAGNOSTIC MANUAL 99493-10Y BUELL 2010 XB MODELS OFFICIAL FACTORY PARTS CATALOG 99574-10Y All together 118,84USD which is around 90EUR – the very price for the 99490-10Y is 90EUR…

Season Start

New year, new season…First ride today so fuck seasonal license plates!

Arai Chaser V

As promised the Arai Chaser V – Strain Silver is bought (471,75 EUR).Lightweight, perfect fit, low-noise… gorgeous! Arai describes it as “EVOLUTION OF A LEGEND“: The completely new “Chaser-V” has been redesigned from the ground up in almost every detail. A matter of evolution instead of revolution, to continue the success of the popular and loved Chaser…


During the Amazon “Cyber Monday” which is properly a week. I cannot resist to buy a little gadget – a GoPro HD Hero2 (Motorsports Edition). The retail price for this genius part of hardware is around 280EUR (MSR/RRP 349,95EUR) but not during Cyber Monday. I got this little pice of high resolution for 220EUR… hell…