Service [16000km]

After an absence of more than a year, I’ll try to keep this blog more up-to-date!
So here is the first new update – the 16k service.

2010 XB Model Service – [10,000mi / 16,000km]

Engine oil and filter Replace
Air cleaner Inspect, service as required
Tires Check condition and treat
Transmission lubricant Replace
Clutch Check adjustment
Drive belt, idler and sprockets Inspect
Throttle, break, clutch controls,
sidestand, active muffler cable and
active intake cable adjustment (if equipped)
Check, adjust, lubricant
Break fluid Check levels and condition
Break pads and disks Inspect of wear
Electrical equipment and switch Check operation
Front fork oil Replace
Steering head bearings Performe resistance test
Oil cooler fins Clean
Break system, oil lines, front forks,
rear shocks, exhaust system, exhaust
system mounting, evaporative emission system
(if applicable)
Insepct for leaks, contact and abrasion
Critical fasternes Check torque
Engine mounts, stabalizer, and links Inspect
Road test Verify component, and system functions

As you can see it is the first full service with lots of todos, plus new tires because the rear one is done…
My choice the Metzeler Sportec M7 RR (

At the end Harley Davidson needed a whole day and invoiced 953,74EUR… All worth it!