Fork Service (1/2)

In December I located an oil spill on the right fork arm, likely simmering. Therefore I need to disassemble the fork. And here we go =)

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These are the tools:

  • 1/4 HEX
  • 5/16 HEX
  • plastic wedge

Terms and conditions: All work at own risk, NO warranty in ANY case of damage!

Dismount the front wheel: STEP 1-6 from Front Brakepads.

Now it is time to unscrew the triple tree – two on the lower (1/4 HEX) and one the upper (5/16 HEX).

For a better disassemble spread the clamping a little bit (wedge) and guide the fork spar out. After the upper triple tree, peel the fork ring off and continue through the lower one. After that – same process with the other one =)

Fork service: Because I don’t have the right tools I gave the fork to LUCKY who is the right man for Buell maintaining stuff. He changed both simmerings and filled the beams with new oil. Thank you very much, again!

Next is to reassemble, keep you posted.