Air Scoops

I bought the xb12 new in 2010 as one of the latest models (Jul. 2009). After that period the plastic parts, especially the air scoops, are little weathered over the time. Therefore I decided to “restore” them. The OEM parts are some kind of native plastic without a coat of lacquering or something.

Here are some pictures from the worn out parts (left/right and oil cooler air scoop).

I sanded the parts in 240, 400 and 800. After that they took a nice bath to take off the remaining sanding dust. So here are the halftime shoots:

After complete drying I prepared them for painting. I mask the inside of the left scoop just as the oil cooler one. Why? I think the new structured finish is not as good as plain, smooth plastic, that’s why. Then just a wipe with a  silicon remover for a clean surface.

Finally the result. I think they came out very well. Take a look.