Rear Wheel Removal

I want to CNC my sprocket and pulley. For that the rear wheel must be dismounted – no big stuff.

These are the tools:

  • 5/32 HEX
  • 3/16 HEX
  • 5/16 HEX
  • 9/16 NUT
  • 3/8 HEX
  • 22 HEX (metric)
  • 22 NUT (metric)

Terms and conditions: All work at own risk, NO warranty in ANY case of damage!

At first it is necessary to dismount the sprocket cover. On mine its the RRC cover with one 5/32 HEX and two 3/16 HEX.

Step 2
Now for the rear brake. Unscrew the two  5/16 HEX on the swingarm and make sure the rear caliper is secured.

Step 3
Now for the axle lock pin, lose it with a 3/8 HEX. After that you can loosen the axis with the metric 22 HEX. Try not to dissemble the axis this is just for loosen the belt tension!

Now its time to take off the idler pulley. First step is to unscrew the two nuts with a  9/16 NUT. Then you can strip it away from the belt.

Now you can loosen and remove the rear axis and remove the wheel.