Screw Change (V2A)

In the end the rest of the team – VA2 stainless steel screws. Just some pictures. Special thanks to Bernd from !

Handelbar clamp Loctite 243 (BLUE) + 13,6-16,3NM , fuel tank only hand tighten.

Break and clutch lever clamp 9-10,2NM, housings 3-4NM

Oil reservoir hand tighten.

Frame Loctite 243 (BLUE) + 28,5-31,2NM, foot peg anti seize + 14,9-16,2NM, heel guards 8-10,8NM.

Just some screws for empty threads 1,4-4NM, trunk pan is 5,4-8NM and rear fender is 1,4-4NM.

Final step is TÜV =)