Heating Grip

A long suspended project comes to an end: Heatgrip

My goal for this project was a fully integrated solution which looks like an option from the order list. The idea is based on 12X/12XT Heatgrip but not with the original “heated handgrip’s” because of the visible cabling style.

My heat comes from heating cartridges crafted by coolride. Those fine 26W resistors fits perfect inside the handlebar.

The rest is HD original stuff

  • N0158.5AA – SWITCH GEAR RIGHT (185,00 EUR)
  • 74103-98BK – 3-WAY PIN HOUSING KIT (5,13 EUR)
  • 74143-98 – PIN LOCK (0,67 EUR)
  • 74190-98 – PIN TERMINAL (0,67 EUR)


First of all the terms and conditions: All work at own risk, NO warranty in ANY case of damage!

After the formal requirements back-to-work: Dismount the handlebar and the end caps. After that we need a hole for the cabling close to the mask, middled to the bare center.

Now it is time to glue in the cartridges with the 2-component adhesive, make the cabling look nice and reassemble the handlebar. The dry time of the adhesive is 24h!

Now for the fun part. To fire up the cartridges we need a change-relay because the original system runs with two resistors inside each grip. The right switch only shifts + on S1and S2).

  • 12V/DC, 50A change-relay (~4,00 EUR)
  • Relay-socket (~3,00 EUR)

The crafted wiring will be connected to the available power connection inside the mask. This input lead is secured by a extra fuse back in the seat – perfect.

Again a look at the open mask and wiring as the remaining parts for our planed circuitry.

The sketch for the circuitry and carry over for the soldering.

At least the final result – connected and stored. Time to close the mask and give it a try!