Idler Pulley Assembly

As I said I will go back to the stock tensioner. The FS is nice but the original is way better in different ways. The main reason why I installed it earlier is the color of the original (silver). Now it is black galvanized and because of that even more AWESOME!

These are the Tools:

  • TX40
  • 1/4 HEX
  • 1/2 NUT

Terms and conditions: All work at own risk, NO warranty in ANY case of damage!

Step 1
To disassemble the original idler pulley from the FS you just unscrew it with a 1/4 HEX and a 1/2 NUT.

Step 2
I reassembled it with a stainless axle, screw and a self sealed nut. Now with a 1/4 HEX and 1/2 NUT. Just some anti seize on the axle and a then tighten to 27,1-31,2 NM