Sprocket Installation

Finally it’s time for reassembly – first of all the Sprocket!

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These are the Tools:

  • 1/4 HEX
  • 1 7/8 NUT
  • sprocket locking tool
  • torque wrench
  • fixed wrench
  • angle protractor
  • Loctite 243
  • Loctite 271

Terms and conditions: All work at own risk, NO warranty in ANY case of damage!

Step 1
First of all is to clean the thread, just with a brush. Then for the sprocket.

Step 2
Now you can install the locking tool for the right direction (left hand thread) and apply some Loctite 271 RED on the thread. In the same time I installed a new main shaft seal (HD 12030).

Step 3
Now set the torque wrench to left direction and do an initial 67,8NM on the 1 7/8 nut.

Step 4
After that change to a fixed wrench with the angle protractor installed and tighten the 1 7/8 nut counterclockwise an additional 30° – 40°. Mine is only for right handed threads so I tighten “backwards” from 30° to 350°.  Note: Maximum allowable tightening is 45° counterclockwise. Never over tighten!

Step 5
After that act of hard work you can install the sprocket locking plate. I switched to a xborg custom in stainless steel with stainless steel screws (1/4 HEX).

Just apply some Loctite 243 on the screws and tighten them to 10,2-12,4 NM and your done.