Bodywork Installation

Just one step ahead from touchdown – this time I’ll assemble the air scoops, pulley cover, front fender and chin fairing.

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These are the tools:

  • 5/32 HEX
  • 3/16HEX
  • TX 27
  • torque wrench
  • Loctite 243
  • Loctite 271

Terms and conditions: All work at own risk, NO warranty in ANY case of damage!

Because the air scoops are off, it is time to clean the engine. For this I use a special degreaser and a tooth-brush. After that  the bike itself – just some soap and clean water, all by hand!

First the RRC pulley cover – 2 times 3/16 HEX and one 5/32 HEX. Torque is ~10NM

Second the chin fairing. Later we need to take it off for the oil service. So this STEP just for the record.

Secure all five TX27 screws with Loctite 271 RED and a torque of 4-5,4 NM, same as the two new stainless ones on the front (5/32 HEX).

Now for the front fender. Secure the four TX27 with Loctite 243 BLUE on 4-5,4 NM.

At last the overhauled air scoops. No big deal but remember to attach the oxygen sensor plug to the right scoop! All six screws are now stainless ones (5/32 HEX). Just apply some Loctite 243 BLUE and a torque of 5,4-8 NM.

Next is oil change, keep you posted.